Pomegranate Tree

By: Isha Mullis

You do not belong to me,
Beloved wild pomegranate tree,
Your strength a place to build my nest,
Offered a place to safely rest.
I’ve dined upon your curious fruit
Marveled at your twisted root.
Your leaves whisper you won’t go away,
A victor borne in hostile clay,
Gnarled by neglect and wicked wind,
Fire blossoms to the sky ascend.
Ironically, a wondrous home,
Befitting of an elf or gnome.
You do not belong to me,
Together, yes, but ever free,
Twisted together nonetheless,
A sanctuary for my nest.
I love each knot, each crack, each bend,
A miracle you are, my friend.

                      “Pomegranate Tree”