Boys & Men of Color

Mobilizing Community Support for Boys & Men of Color (BMoC)

Now is a time for action, the San Diego Boys & Men of Color Initiative is forming community work groups dedicated to impacting key outcomes for young men and boys of color for the following populations in San Diego:

  • African American
  • African Immigrant/Refugee
  • Latino
  • Native American
  • Asian/Pan-Asian

Contact us here or call (619) 543-0412 to join our next meeting and find out more

Boys & Men of Color

Key Outcome Areas of Focus:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Health/Mental Health
  • Juvenile and Criminal Justice

San Diego BMoC Initiative work groups are seeking:

  • Community Leaders
  • Community Providers of Service
  • Local Government (San Diego County/City of San Diego) Business leaders
  • Philanthropists
  • Community members
  • Youth

Work groups will integrate research and life-experience into the development of advocacy, policy, and service recommendations necessary to improve outcomes for boys and men of color in OUR San Diego COMMUNITY.